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David Tishbi

About David Tishbi

David Tishbi's love and passion for jewelry making, and designing began years ago. While studying business finance and marketing at the College of Management in Tel Aviv, he was working as a part-time sales rep for a silver jewelry brand. He was exposed to the world of jewelry – its combination of the handmade process, beauty, and the strong impact it has on the people who wear it. He started experimenting with metals, stones and raw materials while developing new designs. With the help of many artisans, he began to create his first pieces of jewelry, which started a long-term love and passion for years to come.

Today, some 15 years later, his jewelry is worn by hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide who enjoy his beautifully unique creations. Throughout those years, he's been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented jewelry artisans in the world today, who help turn his ideas into beautiful and comfortable jewelry that are enjoyed by so many people every day.

"I would like to thank my hard-working team, and all those who have been supporting and contributing to our success."

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