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MourningCloak Butterfly

MourningCloak Butterfly (Product Code: #0127N)

Designed in Sterling Silver and Cloisonne' Enamel, this necklace perfectly replicates the MourningCloak Butterfly, which is one of a number of species that spend the winter as adults.  During cold winter months they pass the time frozen in "cryo-preservation" in tree cavities, beneath loose bark, or unheated buildings to protect them from cold winds and foraging birds or squirrels.  The butterfly is suspended on a sterling silver and plum colorede Swarovski crystal necklace that can be worn from 16" to 20" in length. Butterfly is 1.77" (45mm) x 1.38" (35mm).  What a beautiful piece of nature to wear on your neck.  See the matching earrings.

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